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Worship and Service  
Rev Alison McBrier                                          673686
Session Clerk
Margo McMurdo                                        484824
Depute Session Clerk      
Lesley Beaton                                         484989  
Organist and Choir Leader
Sadie Reid                                     01505 503341
Worship Leader
Les Kirk                                                  484947
Sunday School
Beverly Kirk                                            484947
Isabel Kerr                                             484421
Baptismal Elders
Annette Brown                                        482022
Sheila Wyllie                                          486608
Protection of Vulnerable Groups
Jess Duncan                                           484050
Presbytery Elder
Mike Blyth                                              484846
Equalising Elder     
Les Kirk                                                 484947
Roll Keeper
Margo McMurdo                                       484824
Circle of Care
Irene Kerr                                               484213
Flowers in Church
Jeanette Picken                                       484806
Readers in Church  
Beverly Kirk                                            484947
The Guild
Marilyn Bell                                            482966
Christian Aid
Alison Howie                                          484987
Times of services
Sunday Morning
Caldwell Church, Uplawmoor                  10.00 am
Dunlop Church                                     11.30 am
Sunday School and Creche                  11.30 am  
at the church
Caldwell & Dunlop Bible Study Group
Tuesdays, 10.30am Caldwell Vestry

Church Website:

Wednesday Coffee
Rear Church Hall, Wednesday, 10-11.30
Choir Practice (in the church)
Thursday, 7.30pm - September to June
The Guild
Church Hall, Tuesday, 7.30pm
See posters for details
Dunlop Alzheimer’s Circle of Friends
Church Hall, 2nd Thurs of month, 2 – 4pm
Susan Shorrock                                              482109    Christine Wallace                                           483491

Property and Finance
Clerk to Congregational Board
Anne Sinclair                                                  483745
David Mitchell                                                 480919   
Church Officer
Archie Reid                                                     485964
Property Conveners
Jimmy and Alison Howie                                   484987
Hall Letting/Booking Information
Irene Kerr                                                       484213
Church Booking Information
Margo McMurdo                                                484824

Social Events
Coffee Fellowship
Sunday: Jennifer Hunter                                    484828
Wednesday: Irene Kerr                                     484213
       : Marilyn Bell                                           482966
Events Committee
Lynn Davidson                                                 484012

Birthday List
Jennifer Hunter                                               484828
Dunlop Diary (church newsletter)
Douglas Bell                                                   482966
Life & Work Magazine
Elizabeth Dinning                                            484704

Church Open: The Church will be open on Sunday afternoons from 2 – 4 pm
from 1st May to 31st October
Dunlop Church of Scotland
(linked with Caldwell Parish Church)   
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