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As the nights begin to draw in, join us for our first Friday night film of the new season. 'The Darkest Hour' tells of the early days of World War 11.  As Hitler's forces gather across the channel, the newly-appointed Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, must overcome his political rivals and make a choice: negotiate with Hitler or rally the nation and fight on against all odds. Featuring an Oscar-winning performance from Gary Oldman, 'The Darkest Hour' brings the statesman back to life in a stylish and absorbing film. Rescheduled - Now 9th November
The season's first film club offering is another Oscar-winner. 'The Shape of Water' is a magical and unconventional romance set against the backdrop of Cold War America. In a tribute to the old monster movies of the golden age of Hollywood, the film tells the story of a lonely mute cleaner in a government laboratory and the facility's newest top-secret acquisition. Sumptuous and visually stunning with a fantastic cast, this is beauty and the beast with a twist. FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER
November begins with 'The Post' a thrilling drama starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks as the owner and editor of the Washington Post at a time when there was a crook in the Whitehouse and a government set on deceiving the American public. The film tells the story of the race to publish the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret study of America's involvement in Vietnam which would serve to embarrass the Nixon administration and ultimately lead to Watergate and Nixon's downfall. This is a rousing and thought-provoking film which serves as a timely reminder of the importance of a free press. SATURDAY 3rd NOVEMBER
Films start at 7.30pm. Don't forget your loyalty card if you have one, and pick one up if you don't. We hope to see you there.
We will be marking baby loss week on Wednesday 10th October with a free evening screening of ‘Return to
Zero’.  Starring Minnie Drive, the film tells the story of a couple whose lives are devastated when they learn that their child has died in the womb. Times to be confirmed but the screening is to help raise funds for an associated charity.
If you're looking for something to do with the kids during October Week, bring them along to Incredibles 2 - we'll be showing it on the afternoon of Friday 19th October. Again, times to be confirmed, but it's a fantastically fun movie that all ages will love.
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